What’s the purpose of a scissor lift?

A motorized vehicle with a raised platform that can be raised straight up is known as a scissor lift. Criss crossing metal supports that elongate as the platform is raised are the basic feature of scissor lifts that distinguishes them visually from other equipment used to work in higher elevations. The electric or gas powered platform that is mounted on folding arms is used to provide elevated work areas or to help raise or lower unit loads. The objective is to access difficult-to-reach areas in order to perform whatever work is required. Scissor lifts provide a mobile means of reaching areas that are very high. In the materials handling industry, these include tops of storage racks.

What is scissor lift?

When you’re in construction or contracting, it goes without saying that you need reliable ways to work at various heights safely and with ease. Of course, there are the tried and true fixed access options that everyone is familiar with equipment like step ladders and scaffolding. However, there are alternatives that can bring a lot to the table that ladders simply can’t. Pallet trucks in particular are essential pieces of equipment that every contracting professional should become familiar with.

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